Crossing Routes

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Meet bloggers discovering our cultural routes

Daniel Nahabedian

Daniel Nahabedian, formerly an HR officer, successfully switched careers and nowadays working as full-time freelance travel photographer.

His work has appeared in various online and print publications such as Matador Network, AFAR, the Smithsonian and Makeshift magazine. His passion and authority also got him invited to speak about photography at TBEX in Dublin, and TBDI in Italy.

When not travelling he pursue personal projects, teaches photography and post-processing or you can find him in Granada, Spain, posting photos and tutorials on his website while enjoying tapas and the laid-back Spanish lifestyle.


Denis Strickner

Denis Strickner is travel addicted. He couldn't stay at/one the same place for more than 24h. A camera and a sunset are the only two things that he needs in his trips.

Denis cooperates with international tourism boards creating emotional videos that show the real soul of those lands.

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Mario Mele and Grazia Grimaldi

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Michael and Marlys Schuermann

Michael Schuermann, a published author and former journalist with the BBC-World Service and Eurosport France, and his wife Marlys discovered hiking in their 40s and are making up for lost time by doing as many easy hikes as they can and write about them in their blog (Easy Hiker) to show everyone they too can have civilised encounters with nature. They sniff out easy walks and hikes in their own backyard (France, UK and Germany) and wherever their holidays take them.

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Paula A. Reynolds

I am a previous educator and psychologist, and have hung up my paycheck producing career, blessedly so. Travel and the adventure it brings feeds my soul, and it is my desire and pleasure to offer a vicarious opportunity for my readers to share the same through my writing. I am fairly new to the blog world, but have written an online travelogue and you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram (paulaconsiders). My favored style of travel is go-left-when-everyone-else-goes-right. A memoir of my first experience on a real round up/cattle drive is being included in an upcoming anthology of stories of Texas.

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Renate Sandvik

Renate Sandvik is travel blogger from Norway, with a serious case of wanderlust and passion for culture, history and photography.

Renate writes the blog Randombloggen, where she tells the tales of her journeys across the globe from near and afar.

She gossip about the places she has been, share where the road is going next, and dream about where she hopes to one day go.Renate has been in over 60 countries on 5 different continents, and the list continues to grow.

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Renato Lamonica

Renato La Monica is photographer, video-maker assistant and travel writer. "Napoletano" but citizen of the world. A boundless passion for travel and discovery, in an endless and spasmodic search for beauty.

He has been involved in destination promotion projects such as Discover Azores and Italian Dreamtime.

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Valentina Meloni

I'm Valentina from Sardinia telling stories on my little world "Travel Upside Down". Passionate about traveling and photography you can find my images on my blog, Instagram, Twitter) and on Flickr account "Il Mondo Capovolto".

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